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Jaunt Escape: Philippines Affordable Short Trips

Hi! We are Mei and Jon and welcome to our Jaunt Escape!

We’re creating this blog to document and share our short trips, travels, food trips, and adventures within our city and around the Philippines. Mei and I started our first travel together outside Davao City around 2015 up to the present. Since we both like journeying wherever we find the most interesting, eating out and trying different gourmets from simple diners, carinderias, as well as fancy restaurants, and exploring to our hearts’ content, we’ve decided to not only take photos of our travels, but to record them through making blogs of our mini adventures, and share some random experiences and memories in between.

To be honest, we’re not endowed with megabucks and even that fortunate to travel luxuriously – due to financial status and work schedule. Nevertheless, we’re still going to share and show you, how you can travel on a budget and to create your very own pocket-friendly itineraries in Philippines; or if you’re up for it, you can just follow what we did. We’ll also post tips and information on Davao City’s local attraction destinations as well as Philippines’ best affordable short trips to help you to travel without the worries of extreme expenditures, and at your most affordable and convenient way.

I have another confession, I am (Jon) in no way an excellent or a good writer. So, please do bear with me, for my composition skills are just so-so or mediocre. But, I’m going to do my very best in giving and sharing our photos, videos, memories, information, and stories from the places we’ve visited, food we’ve eaten, and cultures we’ve explored through our online travel journals.

This will be an ongoing blog and we will post randomly or sporadically. Mei and I travel about once or twice a year, though Mei can travel more than me so, we’re going to see more of her here. However, I am still hoping, and with luck (fingers-crossed) that I can also travel more in the future. It’s a bit lame and awkward you see, to have a travel blog but not so much info inside, hahaha.

And so, we’ve come to the end part of our article and to say our final thoughts, rambling, words of wisdom, or whatnots. We hope that, through this blog we can inspire you to live life to the fullest, to grab each chance in life that you can get, and to have your Philippine-budget-friendlytrip even once a year. Go and rejuvenate your soul!

One of our mottos is Carpe Diem or “seize the day”. And with that, we also strongly believe that even for just once a year, go and visit our country’s most gorgeous beaches, falls, mountains, and just bask in the beauty of our nature and local tourist spots. De-stress, eat in your local carinderia or resto, relax, and re-fuel your body and soul! Take that one week (or weekend) escapade to just explore around and enjoy life.

Let us travel around the Philippines, guys! Let’s eat to our heart’s delight, dream, meditate, love and respect nature, and cherish those precious moments with your family, special someone, furkids, and friends.