Pentatonix On My Way Home Manila 2015 Concert

June 6, 2015 – the day when one of our favorite acapella bands, Pentatonix, would have their first ever concert in Manila, Philippines. This is also the faithful day when I (Mei), would be witnessing my first LIVE music concert, which would be immediately followed by my second marvelous and spine-chilling live performance of Idina Menzel. But first, let’s travel a few months before this remarkable day, shall we?


Pentatonix is an amazing modern a capella group that Jon and I have been huge fans of. Actually, I’ve been an avid fan of theirs since they were still contestants of the reality a capella singing contest called Sing Off. I was rooting for them to win, and YES!!! THEY DID! Yay! Meanwhile, Jon discovered one of their music videos on her Facebook feeds a few years after they had won. Back then, Jon and I were just good friends, and knowing that we have another common interest made us closer bit by bit.

But I have to give the credit to Joni for being the one who found out that PTX was coming to Manila. Hurrah! And being the awesome girl that she is, she told me about it, and hypnotized me to watch the concert with her, hahaha… I was reluctant at first, but Jon was very persuasive, and I’m extremely happy that I let myself be swayed, because this trip was very significant to how our love blossomed. But more on that later!


By plane, of course! We are from Davao, so we had to travel by air. It wasn’t cheap, but for our idols, why not?!

After booking concert tickets, we booked our flights, and accommodation. We rented a condo unit near Mall of Asia, which was in a compound with 5 giant pools that we just adored.


Being a bit familiar with Manila, we rode a jeepney to Araneta Coliseum from MOA. We went early because we figure of having lunch in Araneta. We had our lunch in Mang Inasal, one of our fave fast food chains (YAY!!! UNLI RICE!!! :D), and just strolled around the area. We thought we were early, but by 3pm, outside the Coliseum was already jam packed with crowds queuing for the concert! Like WOAH!!! Culture shock ako! First timer kasi.

We joined the line up, took many photos, and observed all the other fans with their cool PTX shirts and posters. Honestly, we were envious of their merchs. hahaha… Pahingi.

The waiting continued to about 3 hours. AMAZING!!! Great thing our seats were already reserved, so despite the queue, we were sure to have our seats. YAY!

Pentatonix in Manila



Buy merchandise!!! YEHEY! Our own PTX CD’s with signed autographs!!!

Early dinner! Gotta have energy for all the cheering and fangirling. haha… Pictures all the way!!!



….let the shouting and screaming begin. Phones and cameras can be seen in every corner of the arena, each with an avid fan waving their hands and screaming hysterically for their idols to notice them. hahaha… #guiltymuch

Both Jon and I were going crazy, especially at the site of Avi Kaplan, the base singer of PTX. kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~ The group is so talented, and we were on spot to be in love with them, because they are so talented!!! How they sound in their music videos is really how they sound LIVE! No edits or auto-tunes needed!!! ANG GALING!!!

It was surely a night to remember!!!

Running towards the stage. Tearing up being so close to Pentatonix. Singing along to their songs. Dancing and just screaming our hearts out with no care in the world! What an incredible experience!

Let the pictures speak for themselves.

PTX Manila Concert
Pentatonix Concert in Manila